e-LinkCare Meditech Co.,LTD attended the 54th EASD Annual Meeting held in Berlin, Germany on 1st – 4th October 2018. The scientific meeting, which is the biggest annual diabetes conference in Europe, brought about more than 20,000 people from healthcare, academia and industry in the field of diabetes. For the very first time, e-LinkCare Meditech Co., LTD was there to network and to discuss possibilities for future collaborations.
In connection with the event e-LinkCare Meditech Co.,LTD had a chance to meet some of the leading experts from the research point of view, endocrinologists from hospitals who worked in the field, and some distributors who is interested in importing and re-distributing in their own market, we discussing the development plan for Accugence brand Multi-Morniting System which can test multiple parameters for both clinical and home use.

Post time: Oct-18-2018